Top 6 Trendy Bathroom Décor Ideas That You Would Definitely Love To Try in 2021!

In the blink of an eye, we have already reached near the quarter of this year. And with the sheltering of the year 2020 in place, we all had acknowledged the importance of cleanliness and maintaining hygiene in our homes and surroundings. When talking about cleanliness, the busiest and functional room of the house pops first in our minds, definitely, what else than the bathroom! And in this fight of whether to prioritize hygiene over the beautiful interior décor or the other way around, things end up getting complicated. And that’s why we have sorted these top 6 trendy bathroom décor ideas for you that will help you prioritize the cleanliness and hygiene of your bath space without sacrificing an ounce of style. Whether you are looking for stylish bath accessories online Delhi to renovate your bathroom or you want to add a touch of comfort in your bath space, we have got you covered with these top trendy bathroom decor ideas that you would love to try in 2021. 

Floating Vanity

Vanity is a crucial element of the bathroom as it not only offers storage space for the toiletries and harbours sink top, but it also adds just the right mood to the bathroom interior décor. Vanity is the first thing that comes into notice whenever one enters the bathroom premises, and thus you can also think of it as the first impression of your bath space. Floating vanity is a very much creative and space-saving storage solution for your bathroom, and guess what! You don’t have to worry about wiping the dust from the tricky edges of the vanity on the floor, making your bathroom look cleaner and tidier than ever.

Backlit mirrors

Backlit mirrors are one of the most functional yet decorative elements in the modern bathrooms as it offers just the right amount of light to the viewer as well as gives an illusion of floating mirror with its glowing effect on the wall. If the vanity of your bath space is the centre or the focal point of the room, then installing a backlit mirror will definitely be the best interior décor choice for your bathroom.

Quartz Countertops

Choosing the right material for countertops is one of the most challenging choices to make. But if you are looking for a stylish yet durable natural material for your bathroom countertop, then there is no better option than quartz countertops as it not only offers high durability to the structure but is highly resistant to stains and scratches. If you have a large family in the house, then quartz countertops are definitely the handiest option for your bathroom as it is easy to clean as well as requires minimum maintenance.

Smart Toilets

If you have a reasonable budget in your hand for renovating your bathroom, then how about replacing that old toilet seat with smart toilets? Smart toilets offer self-clean technology without the user get in much contact with the toilets. These toilet seats consist of bacteria and pathogenic germ-killing light under the lid and a self-interior cleaning mechanism, so you don’t have to spare your time every weekend just to clean those dirty bowl surfaces.

Separate Shower Area

Installing a separate glass cabinet in the shower area for your bathroom will keep the wet and dry floor separated, preventing the unnecessary build-up of moisture in the complete bathroom area. Not only it will make your bathroom stand out, but it is also a safer option than those leaky shower curtains, which makes your bathroom more prone to slip and fall hazards. Once you decide to upgrade your bathroom to this elegant glass shower enclosure, we guarantee that you will never look back to those shower curtains.

Go For Simple Designs in Bathroom Accessories

Most of us neglect the need of paying attention to the design of bathroom fittings while renovating or designing our bath space, but even a bathtub tap can create a big difference to the mood of your bathroom interior décor. Simple is the new unique these days, and thus if you want to stay trendy with your bathroom interior décor, get your hands on a simpler design of bathroom accessories and fittings. Finding the right bathroom accessories that fit the aesthetic look and functional demands of your bathroom can be difficult, and thus if you are in search of the best quality bathroom accessories set online Delhi, then choose from our most expansive and exclusive range of bathroom accessories and fittings available at the best price. 

If you are planning on remodelling your bathroom space or designing a perfect bath space for you and your family, then adding a few of these fabulous trendy ideas in your plan will definitely make your bathroom interior unique and stylish.

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