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It’s being said that parents are the first teacher for any child. So, the parents responsibilities shouldn’t just be restricted to giving good values to their children. Instead, they should also pour the vessels of their children’s soul with the importance of personal hygiene.

Te first and the foremost benefit of living a hygienic life is disease prevention. The more you will be focusing on maintaining personal hygiene, the more secured you will be from diseases. Usually we have seen that cold, cough, fever and other such similar frequently occurring symptoms of illness find their roots in unhealthy environments. So, it is always recommended by doctors to keep up good personal hygiene to avoid such symptoms and diseases to the max.

Then comes the factor that matters the most to make anything bigger in today’s world, and that is confidence! And it comes from within! No institution can teach this art. One of the biggest factors that contribute to gaining the confidence is hygiene. Because a clean body gives a clean mind, a clean mind yields good thoughts, and good thoughts boost the overall confidence of a person. Every single famous person with a success story holds abundance of confidence.

In this 21st century, all are running behind fame (at least a bit, if not too much)! People want recognition for their work, look or talent. Your work or talent might impress the audience, but the print of your impression will stay for long only if you look good. And by looking good doesn’t always mean looking beautiful/handsome. Rather it’s a way to describe someone as presentable. You can mark your presence just by ticking the column of good hygiene. So, you can totally achieve social and professional acceptance just by following the basic hygiene routine.

Last but surely not the least, lower expenditure on health-related problems! Already, the basic amenities are costing you a fortune every month, then why to add up the burden of medical charges into your list? You can very well ignore regular visits to doctors for basic illness by giving yourself a daily dose of personal hygiene. So, sow the seeds of good sanitation habits in your kids from the very beginning and keep on watering it to see the amazing results!


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