How To Select A Bathtub: What To Consider?


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Swirling around google to know how to add more depth and color to your bathroom? Well, you need not swirl anymore as you have knocked down the right page.

A manageable way to spruce up any bathroom is by adding a new bathtub or replacing an outdated and old bathtub. But, this much information is not enough to add that spice to the bathroom. As you may not know, what shall you consider while buying one for your bath space?

So, continue reading to gain knowledge about it.

Styles Of Bathtub

Speed Bath Tech fittings bathtubs come in a variety of 19 different styles to suit just about any bathroom, with each style focusing on two key factors: space, number of family members & styling to suit the mood. The amount of space you have greatly influence the style you can go for, though, as we say, the space needed is just about the space needed for a 3-Seater Sofa set. You can choose from various styles & seating arrangements in Rectangular, Oval, Round or Corners.

Complimentary to space, the seating arrangement required – Single seater, Couples seater in both Rectangular and Corner shaped, Family seater of Four, Single Corner Seater with space for one kid, and Single Corner Seater with space for two kids.

Bath Material

Usually, bath fittings made in India offer a variety of materials. But, there are two aspects when picking suitable materials for your bathtub, i.e., price and comfort. Each material feels different from the touch, so you should check the most comfortable for you because you will spend a significant time in the bath, and the comfort is very important to appreciate. However, the most comfortable material need not be expensive and heavier, so you should take some time out to research what your bathroom can handle before buying.

Size And Weight Of Bathtub

Another important consideration that Speed Bath Tech tells us to keep in mind is the size and weight of your bathtub. The size and weight of the bathtub will determine where you can place it. If the tub material is too heavy, it may pose issues in shifting, or cleaning or servicing the same. And similarly, if you don’t have enough space and your home can’t support it, go for smaller bathtubs. Otherwise, larger bathtubs will also pace the sprucing up game. No matter what size bathtub you choose, it can do wonders if it compliments your floor and space.

However, sometimes, higher- quality materials such as natural stone, cast iron, and copper are too heavy for many homes to handle, due to servicing issues as mentioned above. The common solution to this is to use extremely strong material which is light weight. Besides, materials like Speed Bath Tech’s Acrylic and Fiber strike a happy medium as it provides an enduring material that is fairly lightweight and extremely strong owing to the bonding of Acrylic and Fiber.

Price Of Bathtub

The Indian bath fittings manufacturer offers a wide range of bathtubs with a variety of materials and styles. The price of these bathtubs solely depends on the quality of material used and, of course, on the style you choose. As a general rule, smaller tubs will always be cheaper than bigger ones, but that doesn’t mean there’s a difference in quality between a larger tub and a smaller one. This is because the material is the main concern here.

Make The Right Choice

When selecting the right bathtub for your home, there are many elements to consider. Whether it is price, size, or comfort, it’s adequate to do your research before you purchase. Measure your space, consider the necessities of the people at your home, and surely, you will discover the right tub for your home with Speed Bath Tech’s Made in India bathtub categories. To assist yourself in making the right and fine choice, go through our bathtub varieties by clicking here.


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