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What is happiness? How can we attain it? Is creating wealth for ourselves the sole way of achieving it? Have you ever pondered over the fact that making money for ourselves is the only way to make ourselves rich but not happy? Happiness should come from within, it’s not a commodity that you can buy, and instead, we have to find it. But one should not forget the fact that achieving self-success doesn’t lead to happiness in life alone. Instead, donating a part of our earnings for the betterment of the less fortunate can bring more peace and happiness in life.

This is also a proven fact. According to Elizabeth Dunn, a celebrated psychology professor and happiness expert of the University of British Columbia in Canada, “People who give money to charity tend to be happier and also healthier than others.” So if you want to be happy, donating can be the ideal path for the same.

Moreover, one has to remember that thinking of only self-wellbeing is not what makes us a better race or society. It needs the overall development of people around us too. Moreover, think about the fact that your small contribution can bring smiles to the less fortunate people and also make their life better and safer. Well, wishes and blessings that they shower on you will always remain with you and lasts forever, which are far more important and valuable in life than any other thing in life. So be a part of their life by donating something to make their life beautiful.

Why donate hygiene?

To make our society a better place, the lives of the people healthier and safer, hygiene is probably one of the most important things. Maintaining good personal hygiene is required to focus on the practices to preserve health and build a healthy society. Not only you can enhance your peace and happiness of mind, you also donate hygiene and help others who are in need of a proper healthy life. Choose from the various Health Faucets or Commode Showers from SPEED Bath Tech and help the poor people of the society to experience cleaner and healthier life.

The need to spread hygiene

Maintaining good hygiene is what is being taught from childhood, and yet we often give up on the practices very easily. This is often either because we are too busy with our lives or we just forget. It is not that proper hygiene is only restricted to our own bodies, but it should be maintained in our surroundings as well. For instance, we can maintain as well as donate hygiene in different public places such as offices, schools, colleges, etc. which is very important since it promotes a healthy society.

More often, it is seen that people in lower income groups cannot possibly focus on their personal hygiene. They often cannot follow the various hygienic practices due to lack of knowledge or training, or they simply cannot afford to purchase the necessary items of personal hygiene. Moreover, it is this very lack of thought that prevails among the poor people of society that there is no need for good hygiene, and thus, they are more prone to be attacked by diseases. This is where we need to stand and make our contribution to the welfare of society and make it cleaner and healthier.

SPEED Bath Tech offers you to contribute and put your step forward as a helping hand to the poor people who are in need of practicing personal and social hygiene. Let’s donate hygiene to build a healthy, better and cleaner society. With extremely pocket-friendly prices of Health Faucets or Commode Showers, it is evident that one could easily help towards making a healthier society. Whenever you donate a Health Faucet or Commode Shower you are ensuring hygiene for all, especially the girl child and the women folk, who are more prone to diseases due to hygiene. The men folk too immensely benefit from the same hygienically.

Be it the office boy at your workplace or the maid that works at your home or be it, other unknown poor people of the society, donate hygiene so that people with healthy lifestyles could surround you — thus working toward a better society.


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