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Exclusive Premium Design Budget Friendly, Bathing Products


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Homeowners frequently have the misconception that sophisticated opulent bathrooms are
pricey ventures. The budget is an essential and crucial component of your bathroom design job
and should always be the priority. A long-lasting exquisite bathroom design requires advanced
planning and smart material to guarantee that everything is carefully calibrated within a
constrained budget allocation. Here are some imperative factors to consider while constructing
a beautiful bathroom on a limited budget, apart from finding affordable luxury bath fittings in

Shower Improvements

The modern shower room or shower enclosure is stylish, providing the impression of a short spa
experience. Many shower systems control temperature, steam pressure, water pressure, and
other variables. Some versions additionally have a built-in sound system for individuals who
enjoy listening to music. Walk-in curb-less shower designs are trendy due to their convenience
and simplicity of usage. Moreover, SpeedBath—a shower manufacturer in Delhi, offers the
finest showers at reasonable prices.


Scraps of old paint and a grimy appearance can be untidy and indicate the need for remodeling.
It is recommended to schedule a painting session after your bathroom has been cleansed of
excess clutter and minor repairs to the walls and other locations. This might be a low-cost
makeover option. Further, it only applies if there are no additional problems, such as cracked
flooring or damaged tiles.

Including More Color

Yes, adding additional color to the bathroom décor is absolutely in style. Bright colors assist in
enhancing the mood. And this idea is influencing the replacement of softer hues in bathrooms
with bold colors. Those cautious about employing too many intense colors can try splashes or
patches of bright colors to contrast with the boring background. Lavender, olive green, peach,
blue-green, and regular blue are some of the fashionable hues these days.

Materials For Installation

Expensive flooring and tile installation options frequently entice customers. For example,
marble flooring looks great but is difficult to clean and maintain. The glossy floor tiles are
long-lasting and can withstand the impacts of harsh cleaning products. They are
low-maintenance goods that may be excellent buys given their low cost and wide range of
design options. You can go with luxury bath fittings in Delhi to find the best installation
materials. However, make sure that they are as reasonable as SpeedBath, or else we are here to
serve you with the best.

Lighting Fashions

Bathroom lighting contributes to the efficiency and atmosphere of the area. For additional
impact, utilize eco-friendly recessed lighting in addition to standard illumination. Accent lighting
will once again aid in highlighting the décor in the bathroom. Under-cabinet illumination is
handy. Finally, a back-lit mirror provides a stylish touch to the whole atmosphere.

Profit From Sales Promotions

The end-of-season discount on luxury bathroom fixtures and other materials allows you to save
up to 50% or more on purchases. Maintain a list of required assets on hand. If you come across
an offer online or through advertising, have a look to see what collections are available at the
best prices.

In contrast, SpeedBath is that luxury bath fittings manufacturer in Delhi where you need not
look for the offer to purchase the extravagance bath item. So, why wait? Just scroll through our
products, find the one that suits you best, come in contact with our team, get the details, make
the payment, and make your bathroom shine without burning your fingers.



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Our bathroom is that one private and personal space where we get to clear our thoughts and sometimes introspect ourselves, right? Moreover, most of our self-care sessions are performed in the bathroom only, from hot soaks to face masks and more. So, having a beautiful yet luxurious bathroom is something we all ask for. However, if budget constraints to any lease agreement become hurdles

in renovating your bathroom, we have got a solution for you. Revamp your bathroom with luxury bath fittings  in Delhi  from a 20 year old Brand Speedbath and avail our creative ideas as well.



Brass, matte black, and chrome are quoted as “the next new things” for trending bathroom looks. Install these fixtures in your bathroom in order to add life to your bathroom’s look if a complete renovation is not possible for you.





If you seriously don’t want to get into an entire bathroom renovation (which we know is quite a backbreaking task), you can always get away with changing the taps. Be it the tap of the washbasin or be it the shower taps, changing them will definitely bring a new look to your bathroom. At Speedbath, we have a vast range of uniquely designed taps that you will want to have in your bathroom for sure.



What’s the point of having a luxurious bathroom when the shower doesn’t feel like a best fit?

Replace your old and oxidized showers with brand new ones and enjoy your shower time to the fullest. We have an enormous range of showers of different size and shapes that will definitely enhance the look of your bathroom.




Mirror in the bathroom plays the most vital role. We will explain how! It is the first and the last thing a person looks at on a daily basis. So, having a new age mirror in your bathroom is the best way to boost your morale for the rest of your day when you look all pretty and charming, right? Our bath fittings manufacturer in Delhi at Speed bath will provide you the latest and the best and support modernizing your bathroom mirror.



Use crafted natural-jute rope decor especially around the mirror. These textural rope border anchors will lend you a natural and beautiful touch to your walls.



Do you ever wonder why these shelves are popular for bathrooms? Well, it’s because they easily handle steam and spills. The best is yet to come and you will love it. Cleaning them is a cakewalk.

Get the latest designs in your bathroom from a reliable bath fittings manufacturer in Delhi.





Do you want to add an architectural punch in your basic bathroom? If yes, installing a bead board is the right way to do it. Want to know why installing beadboards and panels is recommended when you are looking for luxury bath fittings in your bathroom? Well, it is because they are quicker to install and much more affordable.

Believe us or not, you can refresh the look of your bathroom with these easy-peasy and economical luxury bath fittings on a weekend. Add magic and elegance to your bathroom without disturbing your bank account balance. At Speed bath, get the trendy yet affordable bathroom fittings and revamp your bathroom in no flat time.

How To Select A Bathtub: What To Consider?


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Swirling around google to know how to add more depth and color to your bathroom? Well, you need not swirl anymore as you have knocked down the right page.

A manageable way to spruce up any bathroom is by adding a new bathtub or replacing an outdated and old bathtub. But, this much information is not enough to add that spice to the bathroom. As you may not know, what shall you consider while buying one for your bath space?

So, continue reading to gain knowledge about it.

Styles Of Bathtub

Speed Bath Tech fittings bathtubs come in a variety of 19 different styles to suit just about any bathroom, with each style focusing on two key factors: space, number of family members & styling to suit the mood. The amount of space you have greatly influence the style you can go for, though, as we say, the space needed is just about the space needed for a 3-Seater Sofa set. You can choose from various styles & seating arrangements in Rectangular, Oval, Round or Corners.

Complimentary to space, the seating arrangement required – Single seater, Couples seater in both Rectangular and Corner shaped, Family seater of Four, Single Corner Seater with space for one kid, and Single Corner Seater with space for two kids.

Bath Material

Usually, bath fittings made in India offer a variety of materials. But, there are two aspects when picking suitable materials for your bathtub, i.e., price and comfort. Each material feels different from the touch, so you should check the most comfortable for you because you will spend a significant time in the bath, and the comfort is very important to appreciate. However, the most comfortable material need not be expensive and heavier, so you should take some time out to research what your bathroom can handle before buying.

Size And Weight Of Bathtub

Another important consideration that Speed Bath Tech tells us to keep in mind is the size and weight of your bathtub. The size and weight of the bathtub will determine where you can place it. If the tub material is too heavy, it may pose issues in shifting, or cleaning or servicing the same. And similarly, if you don’t have enough space and your home can’t support it, go for smaller bathtubs. Otherwise, larger bathtubs will also pace the sprucing up game. No matter what size bathtub you choose, it can do wonders if it compliments your floor and space.

However, sometimes, higher- quality materials such as natural stone, cast iron, and copper are too heavy for many homes to handle, due to servicing issues as mentioned above. The common solution to this is to use extremely strong material which is light weight. Besides, materials like Speed Bath Tech’s Acrylic and Fiber strike a happy medium as it provides an enduring material that is fairly lightweight and extremely strong owing to the bonding of Acrylic and Fiber.

Price Of Bathtub

The Indian bath fittings manufacturer offers a wide range of bathtubs with a variety of materials and styles. The price of these bathtubs solely depends on the quality of material used and, of course, on the style you choose. As a general rule, smaller tubs will always be cheaper than bigger ones, but that doesn’t mean there’s a difference in quality between a larger tub and a smaller one. This is because the material is the main concern here.

Make The Right Choice

When selecting the right bathtub for your home, there are many elements to consider. Whether it is price, size, or comfort, it’s adequate to do your research before you purchase. Measure your space, consider the necessities of the people at your home, and surely, you will discover the right tub for your home with Speed Bath Tech’s Made in India bathtub categories. To assist yourself in making the right and fine choice, go through our bathtub varieties by clicking here.



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Bath tubs are one of the most essential elements of any exquisite bathing experience, whether in your home or on a vacation.

The most important factor when searching for a bath tub is the drain placement. Its is advised before hand to ensure that where would you like to place the drain. Essentially, there are four outlets; center, left, right and universal.

Adding to this, having a prior knowledge of materials from which bath tubs are made comes in handy while choosing your own soaking station.

They are constructed with a variety of materials such as Acrylic, fiberglass, enamel-coated steel or cast iron. Several less common materials include copper, stone and composite materials and wood.

When it comes to color schemes, plain jane white and cream are quite typical bathtub colors, while you can certainly experiment with some other vibrant colors such as blue, brown, maroon, green and even pink.

With regards to shape and design, the most common shape is the rectangle, but consumers can select from heart-shaped, oval, round, corner-style, alcove, freestanding, drop-in and many more designs.

SPEED Bath Tech presents 18 varieties of designs that you must consider before you customize your own bathing experience.

Soaking Tub – A soaking tub gives you enough room to fully immerse yourself and relax in much deeper water unlike a regular bathtub.

Having your personal soaking tub transforms your bathing from an everyday routine activity to a pure relaxation ritual and tranquil experience, especially when you compliment your bath with essential oils and bath salts to the water.

Clawfoot Tub – The clawfoot tub or claw-foot tub is essentially constructed from cast iron and bordered with porcelain. Infusing Modern technology has enabled a drop in the cost of clawfoot tubs, which are now available in fiberglass, acrylic or other aesthetic materials.

Clawfoot tubs typically consume more water than a regular bathtub.

Whirlpool Tub – A whirlpool comes along with piping, an electric pump and water jets. The pump pushes the water through the pipes with the help of an underwater suction fitting and many underwater jets.

Each jet has a venturi, a vented design near its opening that pushes air into the water. Often times, the mixture of air and water can be altered as desired–at a central control, at each jet or both sites.

Air Tub – Generally, Air Tubs consist of miniature holes that become a high-pressure jet filling the tub with a steady stream of air, enabling a soothing, therapeutic discharge of air bubbles.

The propensity of the air streams can be altered by the user, anytime he/she desires.

SPEED Water Technology has a wide array of superior bath tubs which are made from integrating German technology with premium materials.

Check out our  “Bathtubs“ collections and enjoy a scintillating bathing experience.



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It’s being said that parents are the first teacher for any child. So, the parents responsibilities shouldn’t just be restricted to giving good values to their children. Instead, they should also pour the vessels of their children’s soul with the importance of personal hygiene.

Te first and the foremost benefit of living a hygienic life is disease prevention. The more you will be focusing on maintaining personal hygiene, the more secured you will be from diseases. Usually we have seen that cold, cough, fever and other such similar frequently occurring symptoms of illness find their roots in unhealthy environments. So, it is always recommended by doctors to keep up good personal hygiene to avoid such symptoms and diseases to the max.

Then comes the factor that matters the most to make anything bigger in today’s world, and that is confidence! And it comes from within! No institution can teach this art. One of the biggest factors that contribute to gaining the confidence is hygiene. Because a clean body gives a clean mind, a clean mind yields good thoughts, and good thoughts boost the overall confidence of a person. Every single famous person with a success story holds abundance of confidence.

In this 21st century, all are running behind fame (at least a bit, if not too much)! People want recognition for their work, look or talent. Your work or talent might impress the audience, but the print of your impression will stay for long only if you look good. And by looking good doesn’t always mean looking beautiful/handsome. Rather it’s a way to describe someone as presentable. You can mark your presence just by ticking the column of good hygiene. So, you can totally achieve social and professional acceptance just by following the basic hygiene routine.

Last but surely not the least, lower expenditure on health-related problems! Already, the basic amenities are costing you a fortune every month, then why to add up the burden of medical charges into your list? You can very well ignore regular visits to doctors for basic illness by giving yourself a daily dose of personal hygiene. So, sow the seeds of good sanitation habits in your kids from the very beginning and keep on watering it to see the amazing results!



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What is happiness? How can we attain it? Is creating wealth for ourselves the sole way of achieving it? Have you ever pondered over the fact that making money for ourselves is the only way to make ourselves rich but not happy? Happiness should come from within, it’s not a commodity that you can buy, and instead, we have to find it. But one should not forget the fact that achieving self-success doesn’t lead to happiness in life alone. Instead, donating a part of our earnings for the betterment of the less fortunate can bring more peace and happiness in life.

This is also a proven fact. According to Elizabeth Dunn, a celebrated psychology professor and happiness expert of the University of British Columbia in Canada, “People who give money to charity tend to be happier and also healthier than others.” So if you want to be happy, donating can be the ideal path for the same.

Moreover, one has to remember that thinking of only self-wellbeing is not what makes us a better race or society. It needs the overall development of people around us too. Moreover, think about the fact that your small contribution can bring smiles to the less fortunate people and also make their life better and safer. Well, wishes and blessings that they shower on you will always remain with you and lasts forever, which are far more important and valuable in life than any other thing in life. So be a part of their life by donating something to make their life beautiful.

Why donate hygiene?

To make our society a better place, the lives of the people healthier and safer, hygiene is probably one of the most important things. Maintaining good personal hygiene is required to focus on the practices to preserve health and build a healthy society. Not only you can enhance your peace and happiness of mind, you also donate hygiene and help others who are in need of a proper healthy life. Choose from the various Health Faucets or Commode Showers from SPEED Bath Tech and help the poor people of the society to experience cleaner and healthier life.

The need to spread hygiene

Maintaining good hygiene is what is being taught from childhood, and yet we often give up on the practices very easily. This is often either because we are too busy with our lives or we just forget. It is not that proper hygiene is only restricted to our own bodies, but it should be maintained in our surroundings as well. For instance, we can maintain as well as donate hygiene in different public places such as offices, schools, colleges, etc. which is very important since it promotes a healthy society.

More often, it is seen that people in lower income groups cannot possibly focus on their personal hygiene. They often cannot follow the various hygienic practices due to lack of knowledge or training, or they simply cannot afford to purchase the necessary items of personal hygiene. Moreover, it is this very lack of thought that prevails among the poor people of society that there is no need for good hygiene, and thus, they are more prone to be attacked by diseases. This is where we need to stand and make our contribution to the welfare of society and make it cleaner and healthier.

SPEED Bath Tech offers you to contribute and put your step forward as a helping hand to the poor people who are in need of practicing personal and social hygiene. Let’s donate hygiene to build a healthy, better and cleaner society. With extremely pocket-friendly prices of Health Faucets or Commode Showers, it is evident that one could easily help towards making a healthier society. Whenever you donate a Health Faucet or Commode Shower you are ensuring hygiene for all, especially the girl child and the women folk, who are more prone to diseases due to hygiene. The men folk too immensely benefit from the same hygienically.

Be it the office boy at your workplace or the maid that works at your home or be it, other unknown poor people of the society, donate hygiene so that people with healthy lifestyles could surround you — thus working toward a better society.



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Bathroom accessories are something that frame the entire look of your bathroom. Choosing the right accessories may sometimes become a strenuous task. 

Styling your bathroom reflects your personality and way of lifestyle.  Well, you can consult bathroom accessories manufacturers and interior designers simultaneously who have more expertise in specifying the accessories that would suit the layout of your bathroom. 

Important things to be considered while decorating 

The theme you are working on: 

You need to set a particular theme as it forms the basis of finding the more appropriate accessories for your bathroom. If you are going for a more modern theme, then you would go for more hi-tech jacuzzis, faucets, stylish cabinets and sauna systems. 

But for someone who is more hell-bent on maintaining a traditional theme, then I would suggest them to look out for classic cabinets, classic shower area, mirrors and water basin combinations. 


Well, everything comes down to money. So, you need to set boundary line money you are prepared to spend. And then accordingly you can distribute the amount among the different accessories you are aiming to fit in your bathroom. Obviously money is the key determining factor in deciding the quality and quantity of accessories that are going to adorn your bathing space. 

Space in your bathroom 

Well, you don’t want to overcrowd your bathroom space. Because it is a place where your mental well-being is improved. There is nothing that can’t be resolved by a hot bath. So, an overcrowded space could be a buzzkill. So, choose accessories that give the illusion of a spacious area. Rather than choosing a big bathtub goes for more elaborate shower system that only occupies your ceiling or wall. 

Choosing a manufacturer that provides a one-window solution. 

Well, sometimes finding a product which is designed according to your needs can be tiresome. So, always search for a supplier that has an array of products where you are sure that you would find a perfect match. 

Well,  Speedbath may be the perfect solution to all more queries. They are the One-Stop-Shop brand that is customized in producing bathroom fitting that fits every theme. They produce highly sustainable products with a warranty period of up to seven years. Isn’t it amazing? 

They manufacture products in following categories: 

Bath fittings 

Concept bathing – Sauna Bath Systems, Steam Generators, Vichy Showers, etc. Bathtubs with an array of jacuzzi systems. Showers Sanitary ware. So, you need to make only one stop to find every accessory of each category that would fit your space, budget and theme with the promise of durability as well. 



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Sauna is a room made of Imported Austrian Pine Wood, fitted with a heater containing Sauna Rocks and the temperature can be adjusted to suit personal choice. Moist heat is generated by sprinkling water over the hot sauna rocks creating steam. There isn’t anything that can’t be healed by a good hot bath. From therapeutic aromatic baths to sea salt baths, the effects wouldn’t have been half to what is achieved by hot water. They help in relaxing knotted muscles and stressed mind.

Well, it has been a savior from ages that has helped achieve many health benefits

With winter approaching, we crave a more relaxing hot bath than bathing in cold stream (that can definitely leave you with hypothermia in chilling cold weather).

Well, to provide you with the best sauna experience, Speed Bath has come up with the best services at your disposal.

Designing a sauna bath that provides you a relaxing time in a serene environment is what we ace at. Also available are preset Sauna Bath Room sizes from
3.5’x3.5 till 5’x5’ in 12 permutation combinations. Apart from this Speed
Bath also specializes in tailor making bigger sized Sauna Baths (currently
available in Delhi/NCR)

Benefits of the sauna bath

. Well, I have definitely lost count of the number of benefits you get from a good sauna bath. So, here I am listing some benefits of taking a sauna bath.

●It detoxifies your body. The bath itself is so invigorating that it leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed at the same time.

●It soothes out any knotted tended muscles and helps to unravel our body that gives a great sense of pleasure.

●Well, it has been known to improve cardiovascular performance. Well, isn’t it obvious that most heart disorders originate from stress in our lives? So if a bath us taking away half of your stress and believe me guys, it is a blessing in disguise for you.

●Well, haven’t I mentioned enough that sauna bath helps unravel your knotted muscles? So, if you have any issues with muscle and joint pain,

then it can be remedied with a good sauna bath. The heat of the sauna penetrates your body and helps to calm down any inflammation of joints.

●Surprisingly enough, it has been known to remedy neurodegenerative disorders too (well, here I am referring to Alzheimer’s whose chances are reduced uptime 65%).

●For all the insomniacs, these are your chance to beat the problem. It can be your holy grail of you are craving for a good night’s sound sleep.

●To boosts your immune system. First of all, a mist of high temperature helps in killing potentially pathogenic bacteria off your body and secondly, heat penetrating your body stimulates the lymphocytes and granulocytes in the body as a result it produces a strong immune reaction. So, basically it is saving you from a visit to the doctor and most importantly from meds.

And the list is endless….

Well, if you are thinking of installing a sauna bath at your salon or SPA, then congratulations, you have come to the right place.

We design a sauna that is designed for the concept of human wellness. So we mold sauna in a way that gives you a spa-like environment and helps in calming you down. We can customize according to users’ needs, necessity, and budget and are just a thought away.

Top 6 Trendy Bathroom Décor Ideas That You Would Definitely Love To Try in 2021!


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In the blink of an eye, we have already reached near the quarter of this year. And with the sheltering of the year 2020 in place, we all had acknowledged the importance of cleanliness and maintaining hygiene in our homes and surroundings. When talking about cleanliness, the busiest and functional room of the house pops first in our minds, definitely, what else than the bathroom! And in this fight of whether to prioritize hygiene over the beautiful interior décor or the other way around, things end up getting complicated. And that’s why we have sorted these top 6 trendy bathroom décor ideas for you that will help you prioritize the cleanliness and hygiene of your bath space without sacrificing an ounce of style. Whether you are looking for stylish bath accessories online Delhi to renovate your bathroom or you want to add a touch of comfort in your bath space, we have got you covered with these top trendy bathroom decor ideas that you would love to try in 2021. 

Floating Vanity

Vanity is a crucial element of the bathroom as it not only offers storage space for the toiletries and harbours sink top, but it also adds just the right mood to the bathroom interior décor. Vanity is the first thing that comes into notice whenever one enters the bathroom premises, and thus you can also think of it as the first impression of your bath space. Floating vanity is a very much creative and space-saving storage solution for your bathroom, and guess what! You don’t have to worry about wiping the dust from the tricky edges of the vanity on the floor, making your bathroom look cleaner and tidier than ever.

Backlit mirrors

Backlit mirrors are one of the most functional yet decorative elements in the modern bathrooms as it offers just the right amount of light to the viewer as well as gives an illusion of floating mirror with its glowing effect on the wall. If the vanity of your bath space is the centre or the focal point of the room, then installing a backlit mirror will definitely be the best interior décor choice for your bathroom.

Quartz Countertops

Choosing the right material for countertops is one of the most challenging choices to make. But if you are looking for a stylish yet durable natural material for your bathroom countertop, then there is no better option than quartz countertops as it not only offers high durability to the structure but is highly resistant to stains and scratches. If you have a large family in the house, then quartz countertops are definitely the handiest option for your bathroom as it is easy to clean as well as requires minimum maintenance.

Smart Toilets

If you have a reasonable budget in your hand for renovating your bathroom, then how about replacing that old toilet seat with smart toilets? Smart toilets offer self-clean technology without the user get in much contact with the toilets. These toilet seats consist of bacteria and pathogenic germ-killing light under the lid and a self-interior cleaning mechanism, so you don’t have to spare your time every weekend just to clean those dirty bowl surfaces.

Separate Shower Area

Installing a separate glass cabinet in the shower area for your bathroom will keep the wet and dry floor separated, preventing the unnecessary build-up of moisture in the complete bathroom area. Not only it will make your bathroom stand out, but it is also a safer option than those leaky shower curtains, which makes your bathroom more prone to slip and fall hazards. Once you decide to upgrade your bathroom to this elegant glass shower enclosure, we guarantee that you will never look back to those shower curtains.

Go For Simple Designs in Bathroom Accessories

Most of us neglect the need of paying attention to the design of bathroom fittings while renovating or designing our bath space, but even a bathtub tap can create a big difference to the mood of your bathroom interior décor. Simple is the new unique these days, and thus if you want to stay trendy with your bathroom interior décor, get your hands on a simpler design of bathroom accessories and fittings. Finding the right bathroom accessories that fit the aesthetic look and functional demands of your bathroom can be difficult, and thus if you are in search of the best quality bathroom accessories set online Delhi, then choose from our most expansive and exclusive range of bathroom accessories and fittings available at the best price. 

If you are planning on remodelling your bathroom space or designing a perfect bath space for you and your family, then adding a few of these fabulous trendy ideas in your plan will definitely make your bathroom interior unique and stylish.

How to create a Luxurious Bathroom?


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Who does not want to own a bathroom that they could help themselves but love, just kick back and relax after a tiring and stressful day? A bathroom is a safe haven for one; to cleanse themselves of the stress and tension after a hard day at work. And when one gets home, there is nothing better than an individual would like to do than to immerse themselves in the luxurious bath experience.

Now, if you are wondering, yes, it sure sounds all good, but how would one go and create a luxurious bathroom in their home space without having any prior experience with bath accessories and products.

If this is something you are worried about, then don’t be; Speed Bath is one of the more renowned bath products and accessories provider, and we would gladly help you out in your quest to have a luxury bathroom in your home.

When it comes to bath accessories online Delhi, one could not go wrong by making Speed Bath their default choice for any and every bath accessory needs.

Here are some tips that one should keep in mind and pay considerable attention to have a luxurious bathroom in their home space.

  • Keep in mind – the space

Before going into the accessories and other tips, the foremost thing that plays a crucial role in creating a luxurious bathroom is the space allotted to it. For one to get that luxurious feel from the bathroom, they need to allot a considerable space for the bath space to have that effect.

A crowded bath space won’t just cut it but would actively tarnish the experience one would have. So, naturally, space allocation is the first step in your quest to create a luxurious bathroom.

  • Layout and the theme

When it comes to the luxurious bathroom, one may find that minimalism is a winning strategy in designing a luxurious bathroom more often than not. It may sound oxymoronic, but the more minimalist your design and layout is, the more spacious your bathroom would feel.

If you are not already decided on a theme for your bathroom, then combining the right materials, hardwoods, and concrete to create silhouettes could create a perfect minimalist luxurious experience in your bathroom.

  • Shower Head or Heads

For any bathroom, a shower is essential, and for a great shower experience, the perfect shower head is vital. But why would you stop at just one?

One of the easiest ways to add that posh look to it is by having multiple shower heads, with the second preferably being a handheld one.

  • Size Matters

Yes, it does, especially when it comes to luxury in a bathroom; elongated sanitary ware and bath accessories make sense when you are trying to give your bathroom a luxurious feel.

Not only these elongated accessories give one a feeling of luxury, but they also subconsciously remind people of an era gone by and how royals and esteemed nobles used to bathe in huge bathtubs. And to top it all off, they are also quite a trendsetter when it comes to a luxury bathroom.

  • Mirror, Mirror and more Mirror

Not only having large mirrors in your bathroom enhances the elegance and luxurious feel of the same, but they also have the added benefit of giving an illusion of making your bath space larger than it is.

Not everyone can afford to leave an enormous space for their bathroom, and for them, having multiple mirrors, or large mirrors, can be beneficial in giving their bathroom a luxurious feel, and they also lighten up the area quite splendidly.

  • Light up your bathroom

Lightning plays a critical role in determining the mood and the feel in your bathroom, and if one does not have sufficient lighting in their bathroom, then their whole relaxing experience could be marred because of it.

When it comes to a luxury bathroom, one of the basic things to do when designing the layout is to allocate sufficient space for lighting.

  • Making the bathtub your centrepiece

Bathtub oozes luxury, and if one determined to create a luxurious bath space, then their layout and designing should be done while keeping the bathtub as the central focal point in the bathroom.

That bathtub will be the standout piece in your bathroom, and you should put considerable thought when picking one that will fit your needs perfectly.

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