Could you even think of compromising the quality of your most sacred daily ritual – your bath? 


We understand you want the most relaxing, pampering, and enjoyable bathroom shower. Understanding what’s going to best for your needs is the first (and pretty much the only) step you need to take. 

That’s a 100 times better than buying the cheapest shower system, or buying what the guy behind the counter tells you. You’re going to spend hours worth of time under that shower, so you get to decide. 

Let’s tell you all you need to know about the most popular shower types.

Ceiling and LED Mutiflow

Want to bathe in what would seem like a rain of liquid gold? Go for an LED Multiflow ceiling fit shower. The minimalist design makes your bathroom’s decor posh. The LED light makes every bath an experience you look forward to. Enjoy any of the three flow settings – high-pressure rain, mist or cascade as if under a waterfall. Let the flow variations caress your body, and make your bath time a ritual you won’t miss for the world. 


What could beat the timeless telephone style shower? Well, we’d argue a multi-flow version would be even better! Not only could you choose from different water flow settings, but also pick the shower head design that fits in perfectly with your bathroom’s decor. While the oval shower head continues to be a no-brainer option, we’d also recommend the square shower head if you want to add a bit of sharpness to your shower den. 

Easy Clean

We know how off-putting those limescale deposits on your shower head can be. Showering is your cleansing ritual, it can’t be so if the shower head is not clean. Now, you don’t want to be scrubbing and scraping the shower head every week, do you? Instead, buy an easy clean shower. These showers are made with highest grade silicon and come with a simple rubbit cleaning system, where you just use your fingertips to lightly rub and clean the silicon nozzles. The result, spick and span shower heads, and truly trouble free showering month after month. 

Maze Showers

What is it with the luxury bathrooms in 5-star hotels? What’s that inimitable sensation of being caressed by foamy water, so much so that you can’t get yourself out of the shower even after several minutes? Chances are you experienced a maze shower. The shower head uses closely packed nozzles arranged in the form of concentric lines. The result, you get the most luxuriant shower even at low water pressure. Plus, the unique square design fits well with modern bathroom decor. 


This is not it; there are pre-adjust showers, dream showers, handheld showers, and garden showers. The varieties we cover are among the most popular. Of course, we encourage you to read more about the different types, so that your shower gives you the most anticipated bath, every day. 

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